Monday, March 8, 2010


What do I celebrate? How do I celebrate? What relevance does a Woman's Day hold for me? What began a century ago as a day to press for woman's rights has evolved into a day of celebrating womanhood and their achievements.

The whole concept of celebrating womanhood glorifies woman. Womanhood is a perception (just like many other things, yeah :)) - a woman is generally considered to be soft, selfless, ah all those words which describe a paragon of virtue. Why doesn't anybody talk about post-natal depression when they are roaring about the love and reactions of a mother? The day only re-confirms what the society has always tried to do - the shackles I've been trying to break from - the stereotypes associated with a woman - the unrelenting pressure of making us conform to how an ideal woman should be.

I am not contesting the intention behind the day, i.e., debating woman rights' issues is a damn good thing. At the same time I think many of us are more aware of the movie being screened on the local television as a part of the celebrations rather than the issue at hand for the year. I am sorry but the idea behind the day just doesn't trickle down. So before you wish somebody a Happy Woman's Day just be clear about two words - "happy" and "woman".

P.S.: The issue in light for this Woman's Day is the hardship displaced women endure. Women displaced by conflicts, often living alone with their children, are frequently exposed to sexual violence, discrimination and intimidation.