Monday, March 8, 2010


What do I celebrate? How do I celebrate? What relevance does a Woman's Day hold for me? What began a century ago as a day to press for woman's rights has evolved into a day of celebrating womanhood and their achievements.

The whole concept of celebrating womanhood glorifies woman. Womanhood is a perception (just like many other things, yeah :)) - a woman is generally considered to be soft, selfless, ah all those words which describe a paragon of virtue. Why doesn't anybody talk about post-natal depression when they are roaring about the love and reactions of a mother? The day only re-confirms what the society has always tried to do - the shackles I've been trying to break from - the stereotypes associated with a woman - the unrelenting pressure of making us conform to how an ideal woman should be.

I am not contesting the intention behind the day, i.e., debating woman rights' issues is a damn good thing. At the same time I think many of us are more aware of the movie being screened on the local television as a part of the celebrations rather than the issue at hand for the year. I am sorry but the idea behind the day just doesn't trickle down. So before you wish somebody a Happy Woman's Day just be clear about two words - "happy" and "woman".

P.S.: The issue in light for this Woman's Day is the hardship displaced women endure. Women displaced by conflicts, often living alone with their children, are frequently exposed to sexual violence, discrimination and intimidation.


kalitheja s said...

i think u need to be a "Woman" to understand this!!!! Anyways 3 years after Cheers a woman rises up!!!This will need a celebration!!!!

isolence said...

Well, I neither tussle your opinion about woman's day nor am psyched about the causes of celebration. But at some level I comply your ideology about the role of a women in this deceitful society. "I have a staunch belief that a woman is the one who understands the feelings and connect to your emotional dimension". This is my perception of women than any rights for them. I truly believe for a satiating success, women play a vital role be it in the men's life or for society. But I know a close friend who was brutally used and hoaxed by a woman for her self pleasure. I am unable to digest yet the way she traps men for egoistic pleasure. She follows a simple philosophy for men. "Use and Throw" like a pen. But still I am unable to efface my beliefs towards a woman. It somehow is subconsciously engraved in my mind that they connect to people at multiple levels which can only be felt. May be it is because of my mother. And regarding these days, I get sick and tired of them. Instead of understanding the real theme, in this case designed by UN for the struggle of women worldwide in all aspects, it is more tuned into gifts artificial love and crap. I personally celebrate an occasion ONLY if it has substantial significance and memorable impact to paint my thoughts red. All these so called "Days" are a mere commercial noise for which people fall prey forgetting any genuine reason to celebrate. May be, I have a generation gap or can't contemplate peoples celebration. Today it is Mother's day and everyone is facebooking, orkutting, texting and what not. Do they have to have a separate day for the most precious person on this face of this earth? I, I, I simply can't fathom an iota of this fake day.

P.S: Pardon me if I intruded into your personal space. Jolted few ideas which you may not like.

RoHiT said...

Nice write up!...
Its short, sweet and right to the point... The last line which says "Remember the words 'Woman' and 'Happy'.. is the key!!
Gud one.. keep writing!! :)

The Force unleashed said...

voila!!! thats deep, i actually visualized you writing this (as i read it) with your brow geeting deeper by the second,

I simply loved this article, from now, i guess i might actually skip reading the newspapers or health care issues and policies that muust actually interest me in order to make time out to read your thoughts unfold on this space.

kudos to you.