Saturday, February 23, 2008


DING..There goes the doorbell..I know I should be getting out the bed where I have been sleeping lost in those wild dreams of panthers - MIP lab - triangular flowers - strawberry printed pups (oh yeah!), soaking up those morning err..11.42 ish rays of the sun, warmth flooding through my body..a faint smile tugging at my lips..a paragon of bliss..DING..The blissful face contorts into an ugly menacing one..I try to open my eyes..Too heavy a weight for me..Overcome by laziness, I start slipping and sliding back into my world of dreams..My face muscles begin to relax and break into a smile..DING..With a mighty effort I heave myself out of my bed..step onto the cold marble floor and walk slowly to the door and reach for the handle..I cant reach the handle..I grope..I still cant..A knowing smile plays on my lips ..Realising that I was hallucinating it all, I turn around in my sleep and dig my head deeper into the darkness of my pillow happily ensconcing yet again in the glorious warmth of the sun..The smile still tugs on my lips..DING..Ah well, do I have to get outta bed?


hitesh said...

DING-DONG!!!- the watchman's daily routine to wake madame Swarna up so that we end up reaching on time for the CAT class...but still she doenst get up half the time probably assuming she is hallucinating and letting the DING go by...
this has given me more insight into the sleepy world of Swarna and il sum up the lesson learnt :p
Blog Gyaan-Be patient while waitin for Swarna in the morning for the CAT class because shes busy hallucinating


Is it open yet?

nikhila said...

I can perfectly relate to this! Wish eyelids were a little lighter every morning:P I could virtually imagine u waking up!!hehe..:P
I really appreciate ur style of expression....loved the details!