Friday, February 22, 2008

The Incorrigible Shyster

On failure
The Shyster: It's ok! Checkered fortune. I know I am better than them.

A screwed paper
The Shyster: It's ok! I just coudnt get myself to work my arse off.

On quitting
The Shyster: It's ok! I aint addicted and all. I can give it up when I want to.At the moment I dont want to.

On bitching
The shyster: It's ok! I am a bitch. No qualms unlike the rest I face the truth.

Dude..It aint OK...Are we ever gonna kill the shyster in us who justifies every action of ours?
The Shyster : (BLINK) Ah well its ok...


hitesh said...

Its ok for the shyster to exist in us because seriously its ok!!! nice post to start off ur bloggin life with but please dont go the poornaa way where most of it went over my head :p but as the shyster says even the poorna way is ok!!!

Vivek Krishnan said...

Vivek Krishnan:


Taking stands could be petty in itself.You take a stand at first,to contradict yourself by the end of it!!


Systers like Sisters are a part and way of life!:))

Poornaa Venkatesan said...

On writing comments
The Shyster: Won't the others do it? Why me? Its gonna be a piece of crap anyway...

Yenhow! Welcome and all that! :-D

And by crap I meant the comment :)

Nikita said...
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Nikita said...

its 'okay' to humour the shyster in you sometimes :)

nalini said...

Your title says it all sweetheart ;)

Swarna said...


@hitesh: Poo's read this..hence BEWARE!

@Viv: We'll save that up for later, shall we?

@Sid: The title's all encompassing


@Nikki: What's disturbing is tht we do it all the time.

@Buff: GEEEE again!

Poornaa Venkatesan said...

errr... little too much sad understanding, no? Ess?

@ Hitesh
Its poornaa, you fool. Not Poorna! x-(

nikhila said...

Hey by all means its ok! Let the shyster exist! It'll serve u good sooner or later! haha....nice soliloquy there! After all its tht which comes to ur rescue....worst of times! Trust me! Nah, no aint that bad!hehe...:P

The Force unleashed said...

the shyster's my mirror, the shyster;s governs me.