Friday, February 22, 2008


Words are deceptive, very deceptive, especially coming from a person with a mercurial temperament, doubly so.

p.s. Note the incoherence of the title and the post


Nikita said...

first person to comment on the veyr first post.. how lucky am i!
pretty start.. :)
welcome to the blogging world :)

The One said...

words aren't deceptive, they are innocent and its the people who use them deceptively

Swarna said...

@ Nishant: BLINK - firstly, Hey! - (A big wide smile)
No words can do justice to your thoughts...People play around with them in an attempt to put feelings across..they think they succeed.Did I?

@ Nikki: How many brownie points have I earned?

The One said...

Hey!!! :)

agreed that no words can do justice to your thoughts, but words are a popular medium to communicate thoughts, a medium adopted by the human race as an attempt to lead a civilized life and to communicate...

its not often that you meet individuals who can communicate thoughts without the use of words...

words have become indispensable to us humans(as well as nations) without which the mere existence of the entire world seems to be threatened

so, pow(words)==pow(thoughts) in todays world especially.

nikhila said...


Remember the House MD quote?? Lotsa universal truths there....:P

Everything is twisted out of all sense to fit everything else! U recognize this excerpt, dont u?;)